Saturday, July 11, 2009

A moment to sit...

Suddenly it's July 11...facing the last few days on this amazing journey.
I realize I left off at the first Pride march...and except for one glorious blog that was frozen before I was able to has been chock full of surreal and amazing experiences on this incredible journey.

Quick synopsis...

June 27 - Dyke rally, dyke march and Pink party
June 28 - Pride parade and street festival, saw the Cliks, got chest signed by Lucas
June 29 - Moved to new house in the Mission
June 30 - homework and reading
July 1 - Home Restaurant with amazing happy hour & Karaoke!!!
July 2 - Homework and reading
July 3 - Chinatown & magazine launch party
July 4 - San Francisco Mime Troupe in Dolores Park, met Radical Women, fireworks on the waterfront
July 5 - Folsom street Jazz Festival, moved to new house in Presidio
July 6 - beginning of the week of tragic public transportation experiences
July 7 - Georgia O'Keeffe and Ansel Adams at Moma, Modern Times Book store reading of Femmes of Power, spoke with Lynnee Breedlove, Met the bearded ladies
July 8 - Major deadline of project
July 9 - Lecture with Max Wolfvalerio
July 10 - 4 hour walk through the to follow....Giants game, Midnight Mass with Peaches Christ featuring Linda Blair

Amongst and between the experiences have been moments of surrealism, thoughts to feed off of for the next ten years.
But at least I am semi-caught up...with thoughts and pics to follow...but time to rest...for it's a picnic in the park and listening to Joan Baez...I never thought I would have this opportunity...

Love and magic from the foggy city...

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  1. an amazing adventure babes!!!
    i'm glad it's full and amazing, but we miss you back home!