Saturday, July 4, 2009

Oftentimes as I transgress through the days...especially in the consistent pace I have been going here...I forget the connection to nature that as humans we are not seperate from but rather in the midst of.

With the egocentric perspective that homosapiens have generally, there is a ruling of the world mentality that removes ourselves from the rhythm of the environment.

I was reminded this morning how the traits of what is around us gives us the strength and examples we need to get through certain moments and time periods....such as...
Fox: Subtly clever
Eagle: Unwavering
Wind: Able to impact all gently without their notice
Unicorn: Valiant, intense and beautiful
Dolphin: Frolicking freely
Lake: Is reflective and has a deepness to it

Thinking strictly of the wind last night as it tore through Chinatown, making the bells ring and the people freeze, hair going in all directions while papers do the same. It is this intangible wind that I am in awe of...for without being able to hold onto its strength it has the power to draw a kiss on a cheek or tear a house too shreds.

As a dolphin in the waves, when we allow ourselves to swim in the ocean...can we let go of life and simply frolick freely? Are we too worried about what may be, what may happen, what is going to happen to let go and just be?

With the presence of so much to do here...I am looking forward to spending a day in the park. Slooshball or not...just frolicking and being free...feeling the wind's grace...watching the fog roll in...and ending in seeing the talents of firecrackers lighting the sky...embracing the colors of flowers in electric motion.

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