Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day one biting the Big Apple

First Day of Summer Camp:

(the horrible thing about early flights is that it is inevitable that you forget moment was forgetting my phone)

We’re on the plane…and the picture taking has begun! The pilot hauled ass and we arrived wicked early 8:50 am. First luggage tragedy happened before we left LaGuardia…it slipped out of my hand as we were on the escalator…so Amy at the top of the stairs laughed as I scrambled down the moving escalator to rescue my bag that kept stumbling over the first step. Le Sigh…
After an interesting cab ride we made it to our hostel…but check in isn’t until 3.

(Notice the Bride of Frankenstein? Woohoo!)

Yay! Explore time!
First stop – Times Square.
It’s big! There’s a lot of people. It’s pretty modern. And it’s hot.
We found the 3 story M&M’s shop…yum. Which happened to be across the Hershey candy store. Yum. Finally had my NY hot dog…and off to Greenwich Village and NYU.

But Before we're's the celebrities we've seen so far....
NYU would be a great campus to attend…beautiful and amidst great creativity. As we walked to Washington Park…we came across NYU’s science department’s street tents that showcase their sciences in such a creative way. Alot of activities for the kids which is fantastic.

We came across Washington Park...and this cool man was just relaxing on the bench...

The fountain was amazing due to the immense amount of kids jumping around in the fountain. The simple joys of being a kid...

And then my camera died ... until we got back to the hostel and recharged..

Off to dinner...Ethiopian!!! A beautiful restaurant..yummy food...and half the collective of feminist minds...

Now it's the end of the tourist day in New York City...and tomorrow we meet in the morning to head over the Central park (which is across the street) for a brunch in the park.

This is an amazing start to a week of feminist activism...the depth which I know I haven't grasped. I am grateful to the donors who made this possible, for the Women's Studies department who believed in us to give their amazing support, my friends who lend their fantastic encouragement and support, a wonderful partner who is amazingly supportive and at the homestead taking care of the dogs, and the chance to experience feminism in an immense way.

In awe and gratitude...I am off to bed.

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