Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trying to remember...

Wednesday...another wonderful day at school where we discovered the rooftop eating area. Beautiful!!!

Here is proof we are actually in class learning...


I had to buy shoes because at 4 in the morning when I finished packing for SF I realized I didn't have anymore room and thought I could get away with one pair. They started falling apart by Tuesday....sigh.

Meeting up with Heath, we ventured to the Castro thrift stores to find pride outfits. Found a shirt and some amazing stores...a thrift store with actual amazing clothes that I love...if I was a bit smaller...sigh.

Walking with Heath was like a gym class in itself. Skinny gay boys walk like the demon and Danielle and I struggled to keep up.

A quiet night to recoup a wee bit before the weekend's festivities and to study....

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