Sunday, June 28, 2009

One week down already

Perhaps because it was the first week I spent in San Francisco that it has been jam packed.
Perhaps it was because of Pride week that it has been jam packed.
Perhaps it is just San Francisco.
Tonight I hope to catch this up while giving my poor feet time to come back to life before they leave me from too much abuse. They hurt...ALOT.
So I left off on Monday...Luckily I've been taking an immense amount of pictures so I can keep track of what I have been doing each day.


After another day immersed in scholastic endeavours and realizing each day that I am in the field I am supposed to be, Danielle and I went thrift store shopping. Down to the Mission district...
Coming out of the Bart, there is a rainbow fence. I love this city.

One of the amazing thrift stores here, they actually seperate the clothes by size. I found this beautiful dress.... But alas yellow is not my color he he.
After shopping we ate at a local taqueria...the mild salsa kicked my ass. I was wicked excited they had an fresh squeezed orange juice really is the little things in life.

I took a picture of the guys that work the shop, then this Mexican man insisted in taking the picture of me with them. After going back to the table, the guy chatted a little bit, then asked if we had a couple dollars for him to get a burrito. Lol....I'm starting to get a feel of how things work in this city. He gave this huge story of how they will hook him up with a burrito for a couple of dollars...since he did take our pics I gave him a few. The burrito must have been at the liquor store because he walked out the door and didn't come back which was fine because I think I was getting drunk off of his breath.
While we finished our yummy food, I noticed many people coming in and out. I realized they were leaving after the estabishment wouldn't let them use the bathroom. Most of them were homeless or roamed the streets alot. My curiousness was peaked as I watched the woman who probably partook of chemicals pass the table just vacated by a diner and saw there was still salsa on the tray.She drank it and left, only to come back and finish off the other cup of salsa that was still on there.
As we walked up Mission to catch the bus, there were many interesting characters on the street. Apparently I attract these types of people (see previous post) as Danielle never had this experience walking down Mission. It seems to be a repeating pattern on this trip so far.
We found a fantastic indepent bookstore which is so rare back home. There are many non-chain shops which is a beautiful sight to see.

We met up with Kai to peruse the Castro.

Taking a break in the middle of Castro and Market, we giggled like little kids taking pictures of each other taking pictures. Perhaps it was exhaustion causing us to be wicked stupid...but it had tears down my face.

Due to poor planning, we still had our bags from school so we asked a nice gay boy where would be a good place to have a beverage and sit down, especially since I didn't want to smack anyone carrying my laptop backpack full of too much crap.
He led us to a place that had linens...out of the budget. We came across someone else who led us to Harvey's - so named after Harvey Milk. Great history on the bar learned later on in the week.
We saat just in time for a comedy show emceed by a beautiful drag queen. She was hilarious! The next guy up wasn't so funny but the guy after him made up for it. He loved Table 5, which was the one we were sitting in as he kept commenting on Danielle's pink hair and heary laugh. He had us rolling in stitches by repeatedly commenting on us. The funny woman after him did the same so the laughter at our table especially never stopped. The show ended with the oldest lesbian comic in San Francisco - she did a comedic tour of living in gay San Francisco through the 80's and 90's, complete with modified safe sex rubber panties after a dental dam demonstration.
Tuesday came to an end rather late but luckily school doesn't start til 10:30.

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