Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday continued....

Sitting on the couch for a few minutes until my tummy decided it wants to eat.
I made it to the Latino grocery at the end of the block & found fruit wicked cheap ;o) Cherries for me yay!

I was craving a sandwich or pizza so I walked to the end of the block looking for a shop. Down Howard St...nada. I looked down 6th St & saw pizza joint. As I started walking towards the shop I realized that once again i found myself on the section that I shouldn't be on. Hm...
I passed a deli so I turned around to go in. There were a couple of junkies by the door and a woman walked out with typical junkie scabs on her face. They had sandwiches & pasta...asked the guy if I could try the pesto pasta. I wasn't sure what he was on but he definetly was on something. It was tasty so took a cup & a sandwich and made it to th register. There was a guy buying his pint for the night and organizing his ones...I paid for food & escaped.

Made it back to the house & the pasta was wicked yummy...and the sandwich was pretty tasty...but I think I might find a different shop next time.

My classmates couldn't make it to the show that was at 8. Lynnee Breedlove was performing and there was no way I was going to miss it...especially since The Garage was a half block over.
Definetly not like The Garage back home. The performance was part of the National Queer Arts Festival featuring Silas Howard & Lynn Breedlove. (As many of you know I've been trying to get Lynn Breedlove to perform in Hampton Roads)

I now know there was no way Lynn Breedlove could have performed back home.

Silas Howard's piece was a great story on bringing the story of Billy Tipton through his widow Kitty.
The approach Silas has is far removed from the sensationalization expected from mainstream media when a story such as Billy Tipton comes to light. Silas shared not only the beauty of this love story away from the "scandal" but how the journey with Kitty was beautiful itself.

After a brief intermission, Lynn Breedlove came on stage as the lights were dark. When the lights came upon his body, he stood there in all his trans glory - naked with a strap-on. He proceeded to wax poetic about the existences of phalluses...his was Chode because it was thick, penis represents the smaller ones since it is said through clenched teeth, cock is said with a wide mouth, schlong because it is long... Lynn proceeds to talk through lesbian relationships as he is getting dressed, speaks about his buddhism and the chakras of hetero vs gay and begins to speak about Del & Phyllis.
They were most recently in the news because they were the first ones to get married by Gavin Newsome when California legalized gay marriage. This was a rightful honor since their work transformed the gay movement
Through the telling of their story Lynn interjected humor and love.
Lynn goes on the tell stories about his father and their backpacking adventures. Sharing a male bonding experience, Lynn pulls out the female peeing device (I forget the french name) and shows how he bonded with his dad peeing on a tree.
The end of the performance goes back to honoring Del & Phyllis and how after they got married, it was revoked only to be reinstated...and before it was revoked again, Del passed away August 27, 2008 after 50 years with Phyllis. With lit candles, it was a great honor and a meaningful end to an amazing performer who must be seen to get the full experience.

Although there was an afterparty at another location, I had to come back to get ready for school tomorrow. Plus I had to get down all of these amazing thoughts going through my head.

I even declined an invite from Heath & his roomate John to see beautiful Asian trans performers.

This city is definetly not a place where you will be bored.

Finally I am off to the land of Nod to get ready for another day.

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